Between the favorite centers for investors İncek region arouses interest of architects. Architect Salih Salalı states that the newly occurred axis is vital for Ankara and within the great nature this region is 15 minutes away from any center. According to Mr. Salalı this last Project named İncek Prestige designed with concerns of person and nature. He also says that, with the successful architectural management we will preserve the attractive features of İncek region.


Mr. Salalı states that, İncek region is one of the most important suburb areas of Ankara which includes advantages of closeness to other centers and number of educational establishments. The region consists of numerous educational institutions starting with primary schools and ending with universities. The location of region advantageous as it is within walking distance to Gölbaşı region and close to METU forest. The farm culture comes to this region from the past. Before the town planning the developing culture has brought this cuşture to this region. Today, after the town planning approaches, our responsibility is to create new architectural projects with harmony to the same culture, and preventing this region from consuming with an open hand. We should design and produce best Projects.


Newly opened artery gives flexible urbanist conditions and this situation provided a lot of opportunities to constructers. Our aim here is to add maximum value, within plenitude housings, by creating successful jobs. In order to accomplish our goals we are making a great effort. We believe that we should provide a comfortable life conditions with concerns to different life styles and cultures.