Urban Design

PROJECT NAME: Mass City Concept Project

LOCATION: Erbil / Iraq

SERVICE: Concept Project




The design area consists two lands separated by the main road connecting Erbil to Pirmam. This strategic location provides a great opportunity for the site to become a new center of attraction on this main infrastructural axis. This is the primary reason why a design with multiple functions is adopted.

The growing concentric plan is the main characteristic of Erbil as in some famous European cities such as Milan (Italy), Bruges (Belgium) and Aachen (Germany). The road network evolves gradually from tight streets in the city center to larger successive concentric ring roads (called 100m, and ring ways) that intersect main radial axes.

The historical heart of the city is the of most prominent icon of the city. It is rising from the surrounding plain and observes the town. In 2014, the Citadel was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and today, it is one of the most dramatic and visually exciting cultural sites not only in the Middle East but also in the world.

Until recently, development trends for high-end luxury large scale projects has been directed to low rise residential gated communities, where the residential units would also be used for business purposes. Therefore, there is a lack of luxurious mixed-use development where each function specifically serves its own focus group. A holistic design approach is adopted to let the residents and visitors experience the highest standards of living in the region.

In terms of business, the real estate sector has been reshaping into a more sophisticated industry with new trends such as high-rise business communities intended to cater for the emerging business professionals who have been visiting and ultimately setting up in Erbil to capture some of its rewarding opportunities. So, there is a need of a specifically designed business tower just to serve this need.

The development will be positioned as a luxurious mixed-use project including serviced residences, commercial areas, malls, a hotel and offices for high-end locals, expats, foreigners and corporates.

Masterplan is envisioned to be developed into a landmark for residential, commercial, educational, healthcare, hospitality and business, which is unprecedented in the region. And this design is inspired from the concentric nature of the city and the iconic Citadel of Erbil. This new masterplan is an interpretation of these two dominant elements of the historical city. The internal part is named “centrum” which resembles the “Citadel of Erbil” and surrounding areas are named “peripheria” referring to the growing concentric plan of Erbil.

3 iconic towers distributed to two sides of the main road in centrum designed to form a to the This gate will greet the passengers using the road every day.