The project is located in the North coast of Bodrum, Muğla which is amongst the most popular vacation destinations in Turkey.

The residential units are a part of a settlement with a concept of a ecofriendly manmade “lagoon” that has organic filtration and low environmental impact for the residents to use however they want to -seat, relax, swim, enjoy-. This remarkable swimmable lagoon is forming a substantial relationship with the residential units as thay are distributed around it.

The rich texture of landscape which is dominant on the compound is complementing the lagoon and units, and the use of natural materials such as timber and stone over exposed concrete in some parts, and some detailing with iron elements are giving a unique identity to the design.

  • Total Construction Area

    5.000 m2

  • Concept Design Development

    Salih Z. SALALI & Doruk SALALI

  • Location


  • Service

    Schematic Design