Personal Information:

He graduated from TED Ankara College and Gazi University Faculty of Architecture following. He worked in many offices but mainly in the Office of Mustafa ASLANER. After he started his architectural activities with AKS Architects at 1985, he established 4M Architects with his partner Fatih Açıkalın in 1986 and this partnership lasted until 2014.

He still continues to his studies within the body of 4M SALALI ARCHITECTS which he founded with Doruk SALALI in 2015.

He is a member of the Chamber of Architects and Turkish Architects Association and also he also works as architectural studio instructor in the Architectural Faculty of Gazi University.

He participated in a broad range of many architectural competitions throughout his professional life. He had designed a lot of projects which are applied at home and abroad such as residential, commercial, public utilities, administrative and military projects. Furthermore, he has been also taking active roles in the application projects which he designed.